Vanís Air Force Oz - Wedderburn Wing


It's my second aircraft project, the first was a Protech, high wing rag and tube solid slow and very safe, the planes and instruction were very poor and vague. Controls, bellcrank and other components hade to be remanufactured. it took tears and six years to complete I have learned many new skills and made new friends. when the big day finally came and it took to the air like a bee on a mission, It felt very special, like a birth of a child, like what God must have felt when he created heaven us (and birds?...)
A year later I broke the promise I 'v made to my family and went on another adventure, this time I fell in love with a speed bird, all aluminum and thousands of (solid) rivets....clean, simple but very beautiful, the plans are a lot better this time and four RV-4 reside right here at SAC airfield (one of which was build from plans! ) so if you see a madman with a camera and a spiritlevel running and knocking on hanger doors, its me!