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Welcome to VAF-Oz Wedderburn Wing.

    Membership is open to all SAC members who are builders, flyers or supporters of Vanís range of RV aircraft.

        Our Mission

      • Promote the building and flying of Vans Aircraft.
      • Social contact with other RVators around Australia.

    21/2/05 - Back on the Air!

    Sorry about the lack of updates, but Iím now over the broken arm and surgery (dont ask!) and will be making regular updates from today.



    Rumour has it that Dougís RV-10 finish kit has arrived and is heading for Temora .

    If you hate fiberglass as much as I do check out Aero-Strategies site at for intersection fairings etc.

    Another site worth a look for RV stuff is Aircraft Extras Inc. at

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