Australian and New Zealand Year 2000 Problem Solutions

Australian and New Zealand Year 2000 Problem SolutionsHot!

A list of Australian-based organisations and Australian products involved in providing solutions to the Year 2000 Problem.

If you're organisation or product is not on the list - and you want to be - let me know by email (click on the email icon below).

The following companies have (or claim to have) Australian operations. As always, inclusion in this list in no way indiactes a recommendation from NBS. Similarly, non-inclusion is not to be taken as a negative indication.

This listing is available to any person or organisation who will send us details of their operation.

Century Survival Specialists

Perth, Western Australia

Phone: 0411 476 049



Mike Vandine - 100240.1041@CompuServe.COM

Princeton Softech (Australia)

We market and support software technology (developed in by Princeton Softech Inc. in the USA) that assists large corporations who use IBM MVS systems to handle Year 2000 Date issues.

We have been working with application managers and project leaders who are worried about the impact of the Year 2000 on their mission critical applications.

They are concerned about the cost of upgrading their purchased applications to support the Year 2000. They also know supporting the Year 2000 requires they have multiple development efforts with their in-house applications.

How can they have Year 2000 updates and ongoing maintenance and enhancements happening to the same programs without causing more problems?

We solved their problems. They are now able to start their Year 2000 purchased applications upgrades using half the resources. And, they can now quickly and with great accuracy merge the Year 2000 updates to their in-house programs with the maintenance and enhancements updates.

If people would like to receive a document or demonstration diskette explaining more about our solution, please call me at 1 800 627 523.

Details are also available from our Web Page :

Murray Furze Manager Australia & New Zealand Princeton Softech (Aust.)

Intersoft Software Technologies, Inc.

We are InterSoft Software Technologies, Inc. the U.S. based operation of a large international software house in India that outsources software development and maintenance projects worldwide. We've developed a tool set for yr2k known as Suite2000(TM) that identifies, verifies and corrects date sensitive code. It doesn't completely eliminate the human factor but it certainly expedites the process.

Unlike many of our competitors we have actually done a large conversion project.

If you would like to know more about our services, please advise at either email address below.

Chris Michaud or


VIASOFT is a solution provider to the IBM MVS COBOL,PL/I and Assembler market.

Our Enterprise 2000 solution is geared specifically at helping sites determine the extent of the problem, building a workable plan and then determining the best option for fixing the problem.

For a complete understanding of their products and services check out their home page at , here people can find out about the company, its products and services.

VIASOFT has already completed a large number of engagements worldwide, and in Australia, to help organisations understand the full impact of the year 2000 on their systems.

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