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Mastering Intranet and Internet Technology
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The Client Review

1. Distinguish between Mirrors, Proxies and Caches.

2. How can you test if a host is alive?

3. What tools do you use to run a program on another host?

ftp to transfer the program file.

telnet to run it.

4. What is the format of an email address?

5. How do List Servers and Newsgroups differ?

6. How do you find another's email address?

7. Discuss the reliability of Internet Email and Newsgroup News.

8. What common services are available via the Internet?

9. What are common means of Users connecting to the Internet?

10. What do Users usually want from the Internet?

11. How can Users compromise your Intranet's security?

12. What is the most efficient, a graphical or a text based interface?

13. How can a User's Web Browser be extended?

14. List any terms or concepts that would like more information on.

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