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Mastering Intranet and Internet Technology
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Electronic Mail

Most likely the first application that a user will want or need.

Email Addresses

SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol

Sending Binary Files

Using Electronic Mail

Acronyms, Emoticons and Smileys

See Some Internet Acronyms and Some Emoticons in the Appendix

Email Operations

What Internet Email DOESN'T DO that a good email package should...

Email System Attributes
AttributeComment Internet?
Create Mail
Maintain Mailing Lists
Reliability NOT!
Delivery NOT!
Store and Forward
Attach Files to Messages
Notification NOT!
MEssage Handling System (MHS) and X,400 Support

Setting Up an Email Client

Email to Other Systems

Service Email Address MCI Compuserve IBMMAIL FidoNet GEnie BIX AT&T AppleLink Others X.400

Email Documentation

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