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Mastering Intranet and Internet Technology
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Publishing Options

Here we look at the ways that an organisation intending to promote itself on the web may achieve its ends. As usual, there are many options, each with its own particularattractions, benefits and costs.

Internet Publisher

This is an independent organisation that will host your Internet Site (pages) for a fee. They will (usually) be available to prepare or consult on the preparation of your web pages.

They will offer all (or most) of the services available on the Internet.

Virtual Host

A virtual host is a normal physical host controlled and supported by a Service Provider, but identified as your own. That is, it has a domain name of, but that domain name maps onto a machine (IP Address) owned by another organisation - the Service Provider.

Your Own Host

Become an ISP?

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides a complete Internet connection service. Access will be available over a telephone line (Dial Up), Leased Line (either voice or digital), ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), LAN Connection, or some other.

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