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Mastering Intranet and Internet Technology
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Internet Documentation

The Internet has developed in a haphazard fashion. Because of this, many components operate in different ways. A user cannot assume that any two (or more) tools or utilities will work in the same fashion.

Hence, the need for (lots) of documentation...

What do You Need?

Some notes on documentation can be found at:-

Internet Notes at ISI

Where do you get It?

From the Net, of course!

One place to find references to documentation is this site - Mastering Intranet and Internet Technology.

RFC - Request for Comment

Idea --> Draft RFC --> Review --> Adoption --> RFC Promulgated

Internet Standards

Finding RFCs

FYI - For Your Information

FYI - For Your Information


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Formal Documents - RFC Informal Dpcuments - any interested person(s)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The last minute thoughts of the programmer as the software is shipped. Often, what really happens when you press [Alt-3].


Read it. If you don't, you'll be told to...

Support Organisations

Internet Newsletters

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