Howard Baker, Jr. has been seen worldwide on numerous television programs. His interviews invite spirited discussion and call-ins when appropriate. He is articualate and considered to be a subject matter expert on the subject of human communication and interaction. A Business Communication Skills Coach who inspires and edutains his viewers and audiences.

The Joan Lundon Show

Howard Baker, Jr, was a guest on the Joan Lundon Show where he shared is expertise on the subject of How Students Cheat in School. Howard spent 20 years researching the subject of cheating in school before writing his book And The Cheat Goes On, An Expose on How Students are Cheating Their Way through School.

Howard also talked about our fear of failure and how we are afraid of speaking publically. The fears we share often force us to make choices which do not always provide the most effective outcomes.

ABC Prime Time Live

Fall, 1995--Howard Baker, Jr. Business Communication Skills Coach shares specific tips and techniques used by cheaters in school. The sunglasses technique, and, the object(s) on the desk are but two of the popular cheating techniques exposed. Baker is considered to be a subject matter expert on how students cheat in school.

Chris Wallace of ABC's Prime Time Live probes Howard's knowledge of how students cheat in school.

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